I am not surprised if experts are calling it a day for the mankind on the earth. They may have science at their disposal to prove the facts, I have some spiritual and emotional reasons to feel like man kind is moving towards it end.

I have hobby to get into the minds of as many as people possible. Huge curiosity I have in my mind to know what and how people think about different issues and how they respond and react to the situation arise to them or to others. Being in media, I normally get the chance to many people in a single day I never met before and if I am not working then I am on the net to talk to friends and other random people.

Be it teenager, youth or oldie, in India favorite topic of chit chatting is love and affairs related to it. Another one issue I have seen is day to day school college or office affairs we normally use to talk with people, we call them net friends.

If I cumulate my observations along with other’s accounts I get from various kind of people about their life, findings of my observations are horrifying. It makes me think of what kinda world we are living in where every human being is not just playing with emotions of others but also hiding him or herself from his or her own existence. S/he not only playing with others sentiments but also putting him or herself into the psychological problems while slipping into the virtual world, where reality is far more illusive and foggy happiness takes control of a human life and unknowingly we completely isolate ourselves from the rest of the world.

I am writing this out of pain. The kind of experiences I am listening from the people is making me feeling like I am living in alien’s world where emotions are museum element. Just month back one of my friend committed suicide because of not getting the person in life he wanted. Another friend of mine is getting separated with her husband after 10 years of married life. Reason: they don’t love each other now. One friend of mine is getting back to her husband coz she doesn’t have any other choice and need to survive.

It hurts. The only question comes to my mind is why we have become so insensible and insensitive, completely emotionless. Why we don’t value the human life of others and our own as well. When you ask the person, what is the most valuable thing in your life, what you want from the life? Instantly reply comes, LOVE.

I have seen people talking on phone, net or in person for so many hours about concept of love of their life. I have heard people telling the only thing they want in life and they value is nothing but love. When actually it enters in life from one direction I have seen people looking in other direction for batter option without knowing the fact that love doesn’t have alternatives. Most of the time we spent in talking about values of love and rest of the things are really immaterial to us, and when it struck we judge them in terms of external beauty and value it in terms of monitory gains.

Lot many people have tried to make me understand that this is the rule of life, this is the way how life goes, as if I don’t know. This is the thing we human need to understand that human life is more valuable then anything else in the world and only thing which helps us survive is nothing but a love, no matter from where it comes. One of my friend aged 42, have been trying to find love of her life since her younger days, till today it has eluded her. She has almost lost the control of her life.

We need to understand that if we are getting blind love from someone we must not lose out on them. We have developed the habit of asking more then what we are getting. When we will understand that external beauty will fad soon, and only internal emotions and feelings will make you survive in most difficult situation of life. Otherwise your own life will become piece of joke in your own eyes and when you look back at your life, you will only count what you have lost in life and gains will be invisible. In that situation we start blaming the destiny. Let me assure you it’s not the destiny but your own decisions have made you what you are.

We have never learnt from the mistakes been done by others. We may have cases life those in our own family still we close our life towards reality of life n take decision to compromise our life and love for the sake of beauty and money. This grip of materialistic world need to be loosened up otherwise we, man kind lose its own existence very soon………and extremist person like me will say let the man kind vanish on the earth and let the Adam and Eve to start back for us from where they had left so many years ago. Not for the individual, reincarnation is required for the earth.