From First Hug To Recent Forehead Kiss,

You Mean Love And Comfort To Me,

Your Arms Around Shrink Every Trouble,

Witnessed By Every Wave Of The Sea,

High Or Low In Emotions, Made Us Closer,

Smile On Your Face Is My Final Survivor,

Being With You Every Moment Makes Me Tougher,

Your Care Melting My Stubbornness Is Treasure,

Your Eyes Speaks More Than Your Words,

Me Little Dumb, Try To Float In That Ocean,

You Yell, You Get Irritated But You Talk,

Feels Special Within, Yours Mine, Some Portion,

Gentleness Of The Kiss To Passionate Dance Floor,

Every Moment, Speechless Me, Just Dream About You,

Wonder, How I Tell You, You’ve Become My Core,

“Ashik” Gets Life With U, Destination, Through You…