Barack Nobel Gandhi

Hypocrisy Replaces Attainment

Twilight of evening immediately turned into dark hue on Oct 9 with shock for many Indian along with world community. Almost every intellectual lost his mental balance for a while after Nobel Committee’s solecism.

I believe the media all over the world along with the person himself misunderstood the message of Nobel Committee, when Nobel Peace Prize was conferred upon US Prez Barack Obama. They must be saying, “Okay man! Your day dreaming is over now; your exaggerated over confidence has been shrunk to nothing, here is your lollipop, now pack your bags and move to Chicago, which will remind you constantly of failures of yours and your policies.

Shamelessness, cunningness and knavery of US leadership are quite evident in the statement given by Barack Obama. At the pick of the rudeness, he himself acknowledged the fact that he is not given Nobel Peace Prize for his achievement. How can a world leader accept the reward for the act he hasn’t attained or not even a single step has been taken into the same direction? But no surprise, you can expect audacious, disgraceful and opprobrious behavior from the US leadership only. (We foolish Indians renounce citing high moral ground; we need to learn how to be shroud and cunning.)

This incorrigible behavior speaks lot about Obama’s character and mind-set. He very smartly and emotionally fooled US population with “Yes We Can” exaggeration, and now he is busy showing the world how tactfully he is reordering the multilateral diplomacy. Though wrong decision, Bush had some kind of transparency and clarity in his decision making. Obama’s policies are more opaque and gives no clear-cut idea about what he intends to do. He getting the Nobel Prize reckons the fact that his presidency is also over achieved. His over confidence of Yes We Can has no significant or trace of reality and its mere an exuberant bunkum of a bagger who wins the jackpot and gets mad.

His deceitful policies towards the world are continuous efforts of the US strategy, which is evident in his behavior, not in what he speaks. We must not forget the fact that US Prez is mere a rubber stamp when it comes to US Foreign Policy. US foreign policy is given shape in Pentagon and not White House, which is continuous process from past to present and present to future, where US Prez has hardly a space to maneuver. Obama can sit in white house attractively and beautiful until Pentagon decides to go offensive.

He is getting credit for coining the idea of disarmament, which is completely away from facts. His pledge for nuclear disarmament is designed by Pentagon. Since very long efforts are on by US admin to reduce the nuclear weapons significantly. Many arsenals have been destroyed by US and Russia during the process adopted by both the nation since very long. It’s not Obama’s brain child or contribution to the world but long standing Pentagon policy.

Because of rough nations, proliferation of nuke devises and technology has been haunting US since long, which is big threat to the US interests across the globe. To avoid manmade catastrophe US admin has coined the toss of disarmament under the argument that cold war is over and world don’t need these weapons anymore. Who will believe that US will give up its all nuclear arsenals for the sake of making the world nuclear weapon free?

Obstinate behavior of America has been matter of concern over climate change. US are not willing to cut its emission significantly for the sake of world weather. Its apprehensions over giving up its options, which severely detriments the global climate are quite a dangerous sign for the future of the earth.

His understanding of the world politics is in doubts, especially regarding the South Asia. He is trying to go back to the era of cold war as far as Indo-US relationship is concern. He says something else and acts otherwise. Ever since his 1st day in White House his behavior with India gives an impression that he is faking and its mere a show off, and inclination towards Pakistan is reality.

He vouched to develop the better relationship with Muslim world, and Pentagon orders missile shield in Europe against Iran. He scrapped Bush decision to establish missile shield in east Europe against Russia but his senior army officer gave a public statement that US was planning to establish the missile shield against Russia in Croatia.

Are all these for peace? Or maybe this anticipatory bail was given to him as a request not go on war with any other country and let the world remain in peace.

With astonishment and shock, many Indians too showed its displeasure over Nobel denial to Mahatma Gandhi. I’m really very happy that Gandhi was never given Nobel Prize and he could escape the list of superficial commoners. Gandhi doesn’t need any recognition from any one for his attainment. Infect no one or no international body can really acknowledge Gandhi’s achievements.

Gandhi was himself an award to the Indian nation and world. He is not dependent on any reckoning for the value he added to the world society. It is perfectly alright got Gandhi not to get the Nobel Prize when any Tom, Dick and Harry (read Barack Obama) can win this denigrated Nobel.

I only wish, 2010 Nobel Prize will be conferred upon to my Chai-Wala for the contribution he has made to bring peace in my lane, where many dogs visits every day.

Jai Hind.