Average Indian is pissed off and completely distressed and clueless about security and survival about life. It’s a mammoth task every Indian takes on hand every day to keep his or her face smiling and happy, finding one’s own self among the political turbulence, economical imbalances, commodities’ price rise, and Terror attacks from internal as well external forces, unemployment and many other churning issues. Worst of all is Indian vote bank politics.

Man on street, once happy from the growth rate tables and fly high share index, is in disarray today, embattling his every day routine to meet ends of life. The gross Indian domestic situation is tantamount to political catastrophe, which has made An Indian Anti-Politics. The two major Indian political parties have changed the basic definition of Politics.

Answer before Question:

The question which making rounds in my mind is where this situation is leading towards? The dissatisfaction and frustration, an average Indian goes through daily thinks me of very famous word of my favorite novel, “Mutiny”. The idea of revolution itself is horrible and terrifying, since it includes lots of violence and blood bath. Seems Congress and BJP are not reading thing correctly and believing the historical facts that an average Indian doesn’t believe in collective violence.

Here they go wrong, short sightedness of both the political parties is paving the way for an Indian to go way extreme to meet his ends to survive. Almost every Indian corner has certain groups active, who are involved in some or the other kind of movement to achieve their righteous share of recourse. Naxalism across 13 states, Maoism in north east, Bodo & Naga Movement, ULFA in Assam, Freedom Movement in Kashmir all have started with retard against the apathy of state Govt. and due to ignorance of Govt. of India.

Naxals: Indians or Terrorists?

I saw many people have extreme views against Naxals and Maos, so do I. the basic question remains unanswered in my mind is how they have come a long way to reach to the 13 states across the nation and making huge impact on people of India and challenging the state administration every now and then? If anyone could be hold responsible for keeping millions of lives on stake and killings of thousands every year, its Congress policy, and ignorance of the respective state governments along with Left Parties in West Bengal.

I believe they must be given one single chance to come to the terms and table of talks with firm, action pack warning of repercussion for not cooperating in finding peaceful resolution. As everyone suggests, Govt. should take strong steps to curb the maniac. Many would support the Shrilankan way as they got rid of LTTE by fighting internal war. The efforts of Union Home Minister are falling short of action. Balancing act that P.Chidambaram is busy with doing between minimizing the Naxal impact and appeasing the local political parties to grab the power in the state. I don’t see coming any hard steps from GOI and situation will persist as long as Congress is in power.

Seems neither BJP nor Congress is more concern about the Cross Border Terrorism. Though only single incident took place on Feb 13 recently in past 14 months. It is certainly matter of concern when the GOI assured Apex court of full proof security measures to avoid the events like 26/11. My understanding of diplomacy says India is exactly doing like a doctor’s order while supporting US efforts to eliminate the terror groups and their establishment as well their monetary n weaponry recourse. US seem slowly but surely moving forward in creating another Iraq in neighborhood.

Fascination of Pakistan in Indian society is at the extreme peak. We must forget Pakistan as a nation now and only should remember it as a bunch of some criminals will soon b eliminated. In a present scenario major economical as well as territorial threat is coming from east. Though it doesn’t seem dangerous at present, India must keep China in check with extremely active diplomacy.

The Real Concern: Internal Extremism:

Something very serious struck my mind while I was having a debate with so called right wing people. The vehemence they had in their voice and the hell bent approach they are adapted to made me mesmerized. The biggest threat I saw here. The frustration, dissatisfaction and disappointment towards Indian Politics are serious concern.

Extremism of every kind will not only dent the Indian image but also severely affect the growth engine of the nation. If some Muslim Extremists are helping anti-national elements to create social and economical discrepancy in India, the Hindu extremists seems spreading the hatred against other communities. Be it Muslim or Hindu, need to reckon the fact that the extreme mindset has brought the Pakistan on the verge of extinction. This kind of extremism will hurt Indian civilian society more rigorously than anything else.

Scrapping sec 370 from Kashmir, going on war against Naxals and Maoist without checking other alternatives, driving away Muslims from India are not the options one must think about. These so called nationalists are indeed breaking the very fabrics of the Indian culture and society. I found them ardent supporter of BJP, nothing wrong in supporting any political party, but without keeping national interests at heart one must not keep the interests of political party at the top of the list.

Anticipated Change Untouched by Political Parties:

There is no question mark that Congress policies and way of functioning is certainly not the option for this nation, not even softy-chocolaty Rahul Gandhi, if he don’t get mature with the time. Pro-people and more liberal policies are the requirement of time and BJP too have guts and capacity to deliver on that front, if only they stop infighting and get rid of historical ideological baggage. At the same point of time BJP has to break free from so called Hindus and got to take more global and conclusive approach to get back to the power.

The way congress party function and plays the game of cheap politics adapting the “Divide & Rule” policy between communities and cultures certainly going to frustrate the whole population. Muslim appeasement of Congress is the real reason of Hindu extremism and not BJP. BJP has to include Muslims in their development agenda and congress must stop use of its unprincipled means to weaken the Indian political system and functioning.

At least at present neither BJP nor Congress seems going to change anything as far as there (non) ideologies are concern. Doesn’t look like they are also going to change the way both party thinks and acts. Like my favorite novel reads the line “this is not going to stay long, everything will vanish, and new world will take shape.” Here too, seems present India is moving forward to its first ever mutiny in independence era to bring about radical changes in society, political system and mindset of the people.