It  was Americans in 2007 envisaged the change, the way their nation looks  and meets the demands of their people. Failed, when one black middle class lady with teary eyes on CNBC Live told US president Barack Obama, “I’m tired of defending you”.

India too, nurtures the same dream of change in Indian political, social and economical system. With rock-solid foundation of our constitution, India knows how to bring those changes in our system. The vital question is who possesses those capabilities to turn Indian  virtuality into reality?

One would jump off his or probably her chair and reply the question with  sheer enthusiasm that it should be none other than Rahul Gandhi. Well yeah! Every Indian perceives that scion of Gandhi Family will bring the much anticipated transformation in India and how the world should look at us with dignity and respect.

Why Rahul Gandhi?

It is well known fact that Sonia Gandhi heard her “Inner Voice” in 2004 to vacate the highest office of the nation for middle class hero and non-political  politician Dr. Man Mohan Singh. Mrs. Gandhi has promulgated as more stout  politician than many had imagined. Renouncing the Post of Prime Minister  had two reasons. The immediate one was to separate the day-to-day governance from policy designing. In better words it was de-linking of power from responsibility. And second one was to install the son as an unopposed Indian Prime Minister at appropriate time.

However,  Rahul Gandhi recently announced that, “being prime minister is not the  only job in the world”, it is widely understood fact that “The Great Hope” is portended as future of India to lead the Congress Party in 2014 general election. It is evident that Rahul Gandhi is also comfortable with  Sonia-Man Mohan model. Recently Mr. Gandhi has postulated her mother’s  role, with making significant intervention in government policies, though without taking any responsibility.

Question is how long? It is quite visible that people in India has departed  themselves with emotional politics. Ayodhya verdict is best example to  attain the mood of Indian people. Given the aspiration of young India, it would be difficult for any political party to exercise the power without responsibility any longer. The only conceivable and advisable alternative Rahul Gandhi has is to bite the bullet and make the smoother transition possible from 80 years old Dr. Singh to himself.

Rahul Gandhi : Indian Obama?

With passing days, it is seemingly clear that Barack Obama’s “Yes We Can”  confidence has sunk great deal and he is marred with real world. His political and economical policies have not yielded any results so far. Will Indian  anticipation and confidence in Congress Yuvraj meet the same fate? Well,  could be. Primarily, if Mr. Gandhi wont be able to distance himself from the era old Nehruvian policies.

Congress still follows its Indira policy of “Divide and Rule”. It is visible that Rahul Gandhi is still very much convinced with that policy. We need not to go far to find instance. His continuous pursuance of NDA partner and Bihar CM, Nitish Kumar is the best example of dividing opposition. Many times, it is found that he is emotionally sensitive. Political issues – internally and externally – require lots of practical and diplomatic approach, he lacks so far.

On many national issues his political intervention is minimum. Mr. Destiny doesn’t not speak much on any national or international issues leave an impression that his knowledge is not significant or his thought process is limited to domestic illusive sphere. It would be time depending to see, how will Indian prince communicates and  competes other international leaders in future. If his politics is truly driven by ideological convictions and not merely political expediencies, then it is time for him to ride on his confidence to step  forward and assume responsibility. The government then would no longer be a dissonance of voices but reflect a common resolve and purpose.

Mind you, one another very practical and real time challenge Rahul Gandhi  will have to face in shape of Narendra Modi, Since his popularity is  rising in media and growing out side his state.

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