So called stake holders of Jainism have started creating controversy around submarine given the name “Arihant”. Arihant is principle word of Jainism. It means “tirthankars”. I don’t find any logic behind making such a fuzz then only attention grabbing activity. I really can’t ascertain why Jain saints found it offence against Jainism.

This indigenous submarine is crucial to secure Indian interests, dignity and sovereignty. By giving Arihant name actually Government of India has honored the contribution made by Jain community in the progress of the nation.

Jain community should b proud of recognition they have got, rather than showing disagreement over the issue related to security of the nation. Other then Parsis, Jains are in minority in India, even though principle word of Jainism got attached with very vital security equipment of the nation, is matter of proud for the community. This must not be termed as an offence or de-dignifying act against Jain community. People, who are making fuzz about it and creating unnecessary controversy, should be taught lesson by the Jain people themselves only.

Jain saints gave a logic that “Arihant” word is associated with Ahinsa, and that’s why it should not be attached with the weapon. Do these upholders of Jainism have knowledge of basic principles of Indian defense system, which is basically designed on the basic doctrine of “Ahinsa”

India unilaterally has decided not to attack any other nation, since India has no territorial expectation. Any Indian weapon is developed for its own security only.  Arihant means “destroyers of enemies” and Indian basic purpose is to secure itself. Word itself and any religion permit to secure one’s self against any attack.

Jain saints should not involve themselves in any such controversy and only concentrate on their own functioning of spreading knowledge of Jain principles. Let ask any Jain person on the street whether he has any problem submarine given the “Arihant” name and I am sure reply will be negative. If that is the reality then, for whose emotions these Jain saints are talking about?