With brains, human is considered to be the most advance and enhanced creation of nature. Then why on the crucial occasion in our life, our brain raise its hands and decline to perform the best task it is given, to think in the best interest of one’s self?

I guess psychologist and neurologist may not have the perfect answer and mere technical reply could be there. There is one primary funda in management “Right man on the Right Place”. It says that a right person must be in the position to take critical decision when in needed to be taken in the best interest of the organization. Then I would like to add something in it, “Right man on the Right Place” and “Right decision at the Right Time”

I have often observed that well thought out strategy from the very intelligent and genius person has gone overwhelmingly and miserably wrong. Many people, so prefect in there planning, strategize the rule book efforts; go entirely wrong in implementing the efforts to achieve the desired results. I am just clueless about the reasons push man on back foot in life.

Well many will give me simple logic, which is also known to me as well, “Man Proposed and God Disposed” Well if everything is pre-decided then what the hell we are doing here? One would say we are merely following the instructions from the super destiny. If that so why brain given to us? Well no we are not here to mere perform the orders; we all are here to achieve something or the others on our own. We are here with some purpose, not to be puppet.

Few days back I had a very heated debate with one on my friend. We both were contradicting our own statements as well as each others. His was the argument that man is really capable of keeping his head balance and on the crucial time he must show maturity to take right decisions in life to give best shape to the life. And he believes in destiny, against of his own thoughts.

Mine was the diagonal opposite view. I claimed, normally human run by his sub-consciousness, conscious mind comes only into action when emergency arises. Normal functions of life are pre-defined by us, while in extreme situation, we don’t have much time to think and react and we fall in a trap. My friend asked me, “Do you believe in God?” I promptly replied negatively.

Well my point is not related to emergency situation life face. When we are given good span of time to think out strategies to get rid of the problems of the life, why we don’t take those decision which are beneficial to our own self as well as everyone around us.We don’t choose the best possible option, lying in front of us. My question is what stopping us to go forward and choose the best way ahead for our own self. Which are those factors, simply stagnant our brain function and lead us to most devastating path?

Two long debates jounced me, completely shaken me up last week. How we social animals can be broken into the pieces. How our own, whom we trust most and give string of our life, turn out to be the killer or our own dreams and existence. Yeah I am talking about relationships.

Yesterday, during a lunch time, my friend Tushar asked me the question. “Where do you see Indian society in next 20 years?” I was surprised, as question came out of nowhere. Didn’t know what to answer. I said really I don’t know where Indian society will be standing in next 20 years, but something is there which is scaring me. This development, which was revealed to me in 2003-’04 while I was doing ma journalism is matter of real concern for this nation. The Individualism in Indian youth is what making me jittery. I remember while I was preparing my presentation for the General Election 2004, and was thinking about the socio-political structure of Indian democracy and something struck to me, Disinterest of Indian youth towards politics. Certainly I realized what this phenomenon is? I was disconcerted by knowing the fact that this development is not good sign for any society.